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House Cleaning

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We Provide The Following Cleaning Services;

Carpet Cleaning Services
House Cleaning Services
Spring Cleaning Services

Basic Price Guide;

Basic Cleaning: $100

A basic cleaning job would be represented by a house that is kept in good condition and you are just looking for a touch up type deal to a basic level of dust, dirt and so forth.

Medium Cleaning: $100-150

Let us face it you are a busy person you can't keep it perfect but you do take care of your home the best you can there is a bit more dust and the like as well as some extent of stove cleaning needed because you haven't been able to clean it for a month.

Deep / Heavy / Carpet Cleaning: $20 a Room

Heavy cleaning or carpet cleaning, this could be you are moving into a house you just bought and looking for a deep clean. You could be a hoarder or have a hectic life or family and just downright can't keep up and really need some help to get caught up again. You may just need a simple carpet cleaning and can combine this with any of the other cleaning services above.

We use natural products with very few exceptions (brillo for stove and bissell for carpet) that are eco friendly and allergy friendly while leaving your home smelling wonderful without harming pets or the environment.


We help you with your Organizing, provide Organizing Ideas, make Custom Made Organization Product, do Event Organizing and Closet Organizing. PRICING VARIES

Computer Training Options

We Provide the Following Computer Training Lessons (PRICES BASED ON NEEDS);

Computer Training
We help you learn the basics of navigating a computer; an excellent option for individuals who have never used a computer before and are looking for a basic understanding of how computers work and hookup.

Online Computer Training
We help you learn the basics of how to research online, use the internet, know what type of emails to avoid and other very important aspects to protect you and your computer.

Web Designing
If your interested or debating on learning how to be a programmer for websites we will teach you how to do the basics. We suggest you consider this if you are interested in developing websites in the future for yourself or others before you attend a college.

Basics of Computer Maintenance
Let us face it if you have a computer and do not know how to properly care for the computer you will end up having to buy another one or having a tech come out and fix whatever happened from a virus to something broken.

Basic Repairs & Painting (Non Licensed & Bonded)

We Help You With the Following (PRICE BASED ON JOB);

Painting Inside of Homes Non Ladder Required for Standard height Rooms
Fix Toilets & Sinks
Other Basic General Handyman Work INSIDE ONLY and NO WORK REQUIRING PERMITS

Pet / House Sitting

If you are looking for someone to take your dog for a walk or look after him/her and play we would definitely be interested in helping you (non aggressive dogs only). If you are looking for someone to house sit or watch your property we would also be interested. Prices are Negotiable and Depending on agreed upon terms may be FREE - $50 for Housesitting no pets at a WEEK Term or longer. With pets housesitting will be higher and strictly just pet walking or pet sitting will be negotiable and fair to both parties.

Full Service Business Assistance

A Business has so many interconnecting parts these days that it is both hard to get started and keep up unless you full understand what you need to do to attract customers, help them, have a strong business strategy, know how individuals view you on top of all the aspects of a business before there was internet; such as marketing, business plans, cost effective methods, customer service solutions and so many more it would take days to write and explain. Below is a consolidated view on services we offer and what they are and why you need them (PRICING BASED ON SERVICE/S YOU NEED AND WANT);

Startup Assistance

I Remember My First Business, I wanted to start my own business didn't really know what I was doing and I went through years of trial and error. Wish I knew someone legit who I could really get a real walkthrough into starting my venture. This is exactly the service I want to offer you; the ability to get your business idea to come to life without most of the costly mistakes that a startup owner makes who has no experience creating a business. The parts we help with is getting a full understanding of your vision, offering suggestions, writing up your business plan and financial model, helping you decide the best route for funding your venture and how to be cost effective. We then proceed to help you create your entity but helping you know where to go and even suggest some names for you to later help you with organic traffic (FREE TRAFFIC). Then based on your business we will help you with more aspects depending on what type of business is. PLEASE UNDERSTAND WE DO NOT HELP MORALLY COMPROMISING BUSINESSES SUCH AS EXPLICIT WEBSITES>

Business Suggestions and Brainstorming

So you own a business but may be having trouble with making customers happy, getting customers, retaining customers, sales and so many other aspects of maintaining and improving a business. We offer services where we come to your business and help you see possible solutions that you may not have thought of or tried. Now with all businesses we can only offer suggestions and ideas we do not guarantee it will work because there are many aspects for something working such as what your service is, how you treat your customers, how you handle complaints and so forth that we have no control in after all it is your business but we do provide excellent solutions to help you and your business. Doesn't matter if you are struggling or not we can bring some very insightful ideas that you can benefit from.

Per Diem Worker

Let us face it with holidays, workers and other circumstances you may find yourself in a pinch and need help for whatever reason. We will come and help you ASSUMING WE ARE NOT ALREADY ENGAGED for fair pricing based on the work you need. Payment will be done either by paypal or cash unless we agreed upon beforehand or we have done work for you multiple times then we can discuss checks, money orders or w-2's. The fields we can assist in mainly are tech, customer service, food, warehouse and a few others.

Review Management

One key element in any business online or off is to understand the importance of Review Management. Some information you may not be aware of is the following;

95% Search for Local Online Business
91% Read Online Reviews about Local Businesses
Most Read at least 2 Review Sites to Make a Decision
84% Trust Online Reviews as much as Word of Mouth
71% Don't Trust Companies to be ideal after 3 Months of no reviews

With this information you can see why it is important that you maintain a strong review management system and maintain a rating of a minimum of 4 Stars. After all this can be a determining factor if a business makes it or becomes another statistic of a business that started and failed.

Website Design and Development

Having an online presence that is not just simply a review presence does you alot of good in maintaining customers by giving them company updates or helping them learn more about you and what you are all about. Obviously there are many other benefits but these benefits are all based on the type of business you have and what your business strategy is. Therefore this is a topic best discussed on a one on one scenario.

Domain Hosting

We understand that some companies may not want to have to manage a site or worry about the domain end of things; this is why we provide it as one of our services allowing you to focus on what is important and that is growing and maintaining your business.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing is a great tool for maintaining relations with customers, getting new sales and even promoting new items or offers. Not to mention one can use this to start a chain of events known as email marketing with targeted upselling.


Marketing has many options from paid advertising online, paid advertising offline, word of mouth and even car wraps. Each business has to choose the best marketing strategy for them based on the type of business they have and this is where we come in with our knowledge of what marketing methods just don't work today and what ones still work; as well as how strong they work.

Specialty Memorial Burial and Urn in One with Audio

The display above is a 3d render of the product which is made with real wood. The 2 black circles in the render represent the water proof speakers and the white square represents the USB port in which the USB audio device is plugged in providing high quality voice play of a loved ones voice. The star in the front represent the knob which you lift and does not look like the knob we use we use a knob that is specific to this product and you can easily change if you want to. The heart inside the unit is where you would store your loved one's ashes allowing you the ability to use the remaining space in the unit to put dirt in to simulate a burial if you need to.

The unit will take 1 month to make as it is made to order currently and may take less time to receive than stated all is based on variables. Which are the following;

Speakers are Received from Third Party (USA, CALIFORNIA (9 BUSINESS DAYS FOR ME TO RECEIVE))

USB Audio Controller Received from Third Party (CHINA (ABOUT 20 DAYS TO RECEIVE))

USB PORT modified by Me (3 DAYS to get WORKING)

Audio to be Installed will be given to me by Buyer (SAME DAY)

Wood is PURCHASED FROM STORE then Cut by Me (3 Days)

Wood is then Stained Colonial Red look (2 Days)

Wood is then Put Together by Me (1 Day)

With this I break down each part and how long it takes to make happen this is why the handling time is 30 business days if I had enough buyers i would have them ready at all times till I see the need please bare with my made to order setup.



Each Unit Purchased we will later have a Tree Planted in Honor of Individual which will help the environment

Trees Planted will be Fruit Trees and the Fruit will be given to those in need creating a lasting legacy for loved one both environmentally but also to those in need.